Beers at Rí Rá


Rí Rá proudly serves a range of the finest quality import and locally brewed craft beers. At Rí Rá we take our beers very seriously and not just Arthur’s black stuff. With years of experience we go to the extreme to deliver the highest standards of draught and bottle beer quality. We know that there’s a world of great beers to sample but we know we can’t put them all on draught without impacting quality.

beerRí Rá limits the number of draughts to eight premium imports and eight US real craft beers. We all know that there are a lot more than eight worthy imports and eight great crafts so Rí Rá offers a wide and eclectic range of up to 100 of the world’s finest beers in bottle. At Rí Rá you can expect your favorite beer to be served at the correct temperature, in the right glass by our knowledgeable staff.