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pub club

Walk into any pub in Ireland and you will see a couple of fellas sitting at the bar, supping a pint and enjoying a bit of banter with the barman. These ‘regulars’ will have the inside line on everything that is going on at the pub, living, breathing encyclopedias of knowledge. The Rí Rá Pub Club will give you that same ‘insider’ knowledge, keeping you up to date with all the best on offer at your pub.

Loyalty LoopRí Rá Treats

They say it is better to give than to receive; we haven’t decided if we fully agree with that yet however we do like to give our friends to a little treat every once in a while. When you join the pub club we’ll send you a little treat on your birthday, on the anniversary date of when you joined the pub club and at other special times of the year.

Ri Ra RegularRí Rá Regular

We like to keep in touch with our friends, so once a month we will send you a little note on the old email to tell you about all the things that will be happening in the pub during the month ahead, as well as some special offers that are exclusive to the pub club members.

rewards card

rí-wards card

Ask behind the bar for our loyalty cards.

Think about it as an investment in your future. For every lovely pint of Guinness, glass of whiskey, house cocktail, delicious dinner, or whatever takes your fancy, you’ll be earning loyalty points with the Rí-wards card. Collect enough points and you can then ‘invest’ them on another great night at Rí Rá – if you don’t take care of yourself, no-one will. Ask your server for a Ri-wards card the next time you are in the pub.


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