There’s more to Irish cuisine than the mighty potato... that said we do love our spuds. Seriously though, we take food very seriously at Rí Rá, sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients locally and preparing them with the care and attention to detail we're better known for putting into our drinks.

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Food Specials


(½ Dozen) - $13.95

Oysters James Joyce
6 oysters served with Rí Rá Cocktail sauce
and lemon wedge 

Oysters Wilde
6 oysters served with White Cocktail sauce
and lemon wedge

Celtic Oysters
6 oysters splashed with a spicy
Boru Vodka Bloody Mary mix

Oysters Kelly
6 oysters baked topped with a bacon-dijon cream

Oysters Rí Rá
6 oysters baked topped with our famous spinach dip







They say that there’s ‘eating and drinking’ in a pint of Guinness. That’s all well and good, but some of us are partial to a good square meal to satisfy our appetite.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner we’ll make sure you get your ‘three squares’ a day.

Special Menus


Life doesn’t always fit into ‘breakfast,’ ‘lunch’ and ‘dinner.’ So for those times and events in between we have a special menu to tackle your appetite.

Chipper Menu

Sports Menu

Sandwich Bar


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